How to Feel Better (When You’re Sick)

Here’s how it goes down: It’s cold outside. You run outside in a hoodie, instead of a proper coat like your mother taught you. Surprise! You get sick. Okay maybe that’s not how it goes down for everyone, but you get the idea. The point is you’re sick, you feel miserable, and here’s what to do about it.

  • First thing first, DRINK WATER, you should do this all the time but especially when you’re sick. I like to fill a jug with water and keep it in my mini fridge, so I don’t have to leave my room.
  • Next up, sleep. Sleep like a dead bear. Don’t worry too much about your sleep schedule you can worry later.
  • After laying in bed for a while, I find that I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. To pull myself out of the abyss I take a hot bath/shower. The steam helps clear your senses, and it’s just so luxurious to be clean. I would not suggest fixing your hair (unless you want it out of your face) or putting on makeup. Honestly, pants are totally optional when you’re sick.
  • Now that your body is squeaky clean, go and do the same for your surroundings. Especially change your bed sheets! Vaccum, pick up dirty clothes, and take all your mugs back to the kitchen to be washed. Now is a good time to open all the curtains and let in a little sunshine, the best kind of medicine.
  • Eat something good for you. Not just for your soul (I’m looking at you chocolate chip cookies) Your body needs a healthy kick to get back to gold. I like high protein salads and avocado toast (or literally anything else with avocado) Juices and iced teas are good too; just make sure you’re not drinking mostly sugar. (Let me know if you want a recipe for iced kiwi green tea)

That’s about it really, except of course the obvious step of going to a doctor. What do you do to feel better?


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