2016 Resolutions

Hello, 2016!

New year, new you as they say. Every year we like to set some goals for ourselves. Last year I met my goal of cutting out red meat, so this year I wanted to set some more.

Mr. Kate gave me the idea of a mantra for the year. After thinking it over, I decided that “Bloom” is the perfect word for 2016. This year I want to grow as a person and be the best version of me.

When thinking of my resolutions I sat down with my Erin Condren planner and wrote out where I want to grow with my blog, in school, and personally.

Planner Goals

Then, looking at this list, I came up with words to summarize it. I took these words to write around my blooming flower above.

So, what are my resolutions?

  • post twice a week
  • create a solid theme both on my blog and on Instagram
  • be an inspiration to others.
  • earn an A in Chemistry
  • practice French to become fluent
  • exercise consistently (expect a blog post about this)
  • cut out all meat and become a full-blown vegetarian
  • eat 3 meals a day
  • create more by and for myself

What are your resolutions?



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